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Late to Lowenbrau
Sep 22, 2013 @ 12:47 AM

Today was a lunch at Lowenbrau Keller with the Melbourne girls save for Lynn, who was studying hard. (We missed her!) As per usual, we were late but we had a nice time anyway. It was nice to sit and talk while trying hard to digest all the calories we'd consumed in a short amount of time. Plus, it was gorgeous weather - perfect for a walk at Circular Quay ^_^!

I wanted cute tourist photos, so...

Qin, while taking the photo: "Awww Anna you're so pretty!!!" (trailing off here) "..and.. Jess.."

"Wow alright then thx I'm done"

There were a lot of tempting food stalls at The Rocks' Weekend Markets, but we were all starving, so we turned the corner to Lowenbrau (which was packed. No surprise there)!

My huge tankard(!?) of Lemon Lime Bitters!! Which was beautifully authentic. Thank god. I've been really into LLB's lately, probably because they're (EXPLETIVE) AWESOME

A ridiculously yumdelicious garlic bread that I just had to get again. I'd been to Lowenbrau before, and my birthday earlier this year, and I fell right in love with it. I think I would happily eat it every day if I really really had to. ;)

Our sausage dish, which I enjoyed. Though none of us were a huge fan of the sauerkraut which was a little bland and tasteless and looked, according to Anna, like shredded noodles or something

Chicken Schnitzel dish, which I thought was a little lackluster. The chips weren't crispy, the schnitzel itself had a hard coating of bread crumbs which made it chewy and just wasn't super appealing.

Our food actually came fairly quickly!! (Or perhaps I was imagining it would take much longer because there were so many people.) In all honesty though, the highlight for me was the garlic bread. I would back again and again and again just for that. *drooling*

The girls wanted something from the food markets but I was ridiculously stuffed (I had to finish the lemon lime bitters!!). They got this huge ass dumpling thing :3. A GOOD DECISION IN MY EYES.

We then went in search for dessert, though none of us were very keen on eating much now. So we visited La Renaissance Patisserie and Cafe which was right across the Markets. (Lazy us heh. Plus I didn't really know any other dessert places around)


We ended up sitting there for a good few hours, just chatting and watching the light slowly change. Photos ensued (duh).

Alas, the sun was almost starting to set, so we walked back. And I dunno, I guess I felt like I needed some more tourist photos?

I do love my city! ♡♡♡

I call this one 'whale out of water'.

Qin and Anna brought the same cardian purely by coincidence! Hahaha

I spied a street artist and his work, with a crowd around him. The man in the red there was paying his respects, though I suspected he may have been drunk (?__? Or maybe that's just how he talks and I'm an idiot)

That's all for tonight folks. I have been photoshopping, uploading and blogging since the moment I got home (about six thirty). This is ridiculous.
Sleep well my beautiful angels! x

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