Jessica, 21, Sydney.

Jessica is a third year Journalism/International Studies student at the University of Technology, Sydney. She takes photos mostly just for fun and does not for a second claim to be any good at it. Most of the time, Jess thinks about food, her hazy job prospects in the media industry and deciding whether she should hit the gym or take a nap.

Jess is also open to the prospect of collaborations/writing for you/taking photos for you/friendly conversation!
Email her at She will endeavour to get back to you almost instantaneously, because no one ever emails her. x

And you shall receive.

Apr 22, 2011 @ 2:48 AM
( Warning: A rather rambly, nonsensical post made in the wee hours of the morning )

I'd love to dabble in / be a . . .
  • Photojournalist
  • Web designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Anything designer, really.. Even though I know next to nothing about fashion!
  • Photographer
  • King of the world
  • Prime Minister
  • The best that I can be.
Goodnight, people. I hope everyone has a goal and something they want to achieve. It keeps one going. Life would be meaningless without work, without a purpose. I feel like I'd be so lost after high school. Passions are important, too; it's the best way to get to know yourself.. What you're good at, what you're not. What you like, what you don't, the sort of people you attract, the sort of people who attract you. I can't wait to live and experience all this. I'm scared, but I hope I'll be happy.


jesth x

P.S. Book of the month(?) : Roald Dahl's Collected Short Stories. HE IS SO, SO SO BRILLIANT. He's so readable too, without being overly simplistic. I've known for a while that I was a sucker for children's stories, which is of course what he's famous for, but this book has truly captured the perfect balance between sophistication and simplicity.. I call it simplistication (or sophicity?). Quite, quite perfect for someone like me. ♥

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HEY ANGEL ; snapshot #8
Apr 19, 2011 @ 7:18 PM

Yup ate this many plates of food for shiiiee

Fabulosity, now I just look like I'm stalking Anna


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l'amour de la luxure
Apr 14, 2011 @ 3:20 AM
I'm fairly certain I woke up two mornings ago and was suddenly gripped by the desperate, potentially unending yearning for clothing. Since, I have impulse-bought four items plus a perfume and have purchased over five items online - and it's only growing. Here are some other things I've been eyeing.

ASOS CURVE Sixties Skater Dress with Belt : A$68.50 NOW A$39.66 LOLOL the .66

You guys have seen this one before (if you read my day-to-day blog that is!). My friend is seriously batshit X apeshit for this dress. I really HAVE been eyeing this for a while! ;D

ASOS Mixed Fabric Ruffle Dress : A$81.11

The only thing that bothers me about this dress is the fact that the colour is sort of like a ..cloying yellow or something. I don't know, it just .. I think it could be better. A creamier white, not such a yellow buttery one, would be more suitable. I don't care - I still think it's lovely, and there's always dye, I guess. :D"" (Even though I'd be pissing myself in fear that something go wrong)

Oh and the price. God. I'm not made of money.

ASOS Belted Shirt Dress : A$61.29 NOW A$37.85

I love this one, too. As you can see, my bodytype dictates that I suit button-up blouses far better than a cotton t-shirt, which is unflattering to my body. As a result, I tend towards anything that cinches at the waist to show that I actually have one XD. Not to mention that I'm looking specifically at dresses cause I want something to match the T-Bar shoes that I adore~! (Be warned, it's so girly you may feel a need to sanitise yourself in mud afterwards)

Cute as, right?! They're adooorable. Amazing. I love em.

:D AREN'T THEY LOVELY! And of course I've spied something that could potentially be my formal dress but like every covetous female I'm not revealing it here ;) BWA HA HA! Okay! See you guys later, it's 3:37 AM omfg. I really do think I'm turning nocturnal -.-"" Love! ♥

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snapshot #7 : beach babes (SUPER RARE!)
Apr 10, 2011 @ 3:56 AM

(Throwing Q and L into the water!)


I love this set.



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