Jessica, 21, Sydney.

Jessica is a third year Journalism/International Studies student at the University of Technology, Sydney. She takes photos mostly just for fun and does not for a second claim to be any good at it. Most of the time, Jess thinks about food, her hazy job prospects in the media industry and deciding whether she should hit the gym or take a nap.

Jess is also open to the prospect of collaborations/writing for you/taking photos for you/friendly conversation!
Email her at She will endeavour to get back to you almost instantaneously, because no one ever emails her. x

And you shall receive.

Retail Therapy!
Apr 23, 2012 @ 6:55 PM
So since I've lost a few kilos lately, a lot of my clothes have been dissatisfyingly loose, including my underwear wtf. So yeah I went out and shopped for 'lingerie'! (I hesitate to use that word because it sounds so pretentious, but at the same time it's such a lovely word HEHE). I picked up a few other things along the way too!

I'm so in love with this bag, but I'm deathly afraid of it getting dirty easily T.T

Tank tops at Sportsgirl were on sale, so I figured I'd wear it to the gym woo! (I usually wear a neon yellow, because I simply don't buy tank tops O_o. The colour is far too eyecatching for someone who wants as little attention as possible at the gym..)

And say hello to my awesome Superman shirt which I have wanted forever!!! LOL

^ That XXS size is misleading. It is a MEN'S TSHIRT everyone. MENS TSHIRT LOL

Now you can officially say you have seen Jessica Yun's underwear HAHA. Oh god I'm embarrassing :$ Have a fabulous week everyone! xo

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Life is like a Salad Bowl
Apr 22, 2012 @ 5:09 PM
Only, of course, it isn't. I don't know what I'm saying, but I do know I acquired my 35mms!!

I haven't the faintest idea why this one just turned out mostly black and white with some random green bokeh wtf (as in pre-edit!), but oh well my camera must be magical or something

And finally, for the random salad bowl title:

This was after a Skype conversation with Wangays about being stricter than ever with my diet (he's like my personal coach/trainer honestly. I wish he lived with me that would be so much easier LOL I'm constantly texting him questions about food..). I bought steak, breast fillet, salad ingredients, no salad sauces (sigh) and smoked salmon! This was so easy to put together and so delicious. I demolished two bowls of it so quickly fuark. (Kinda hungry again now what on earth)

Anyways, very happy with how darling 35mm performs :), especially under low light, of which my kit lenses sucked. I can't wait to get a job and splurge on the D7000. ♥

Sunset just then. It's so dark now! Wtf the sun moves so quickly LOL

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