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Jessica is a third year Journalism/International Studies student at the University of Technology, Sydney. She takes photos mostly just for fun and does not for a second claim to be any good at it. Most of the time, Jess thinks about food, her hazy job prospects in the media industry and deciding whether she should hit the gym or take a nap.

Jess is also open to the prospect of collaborations/writing for you/taking photos for you/friendly conversation!
Email her at She will endeavour to get back to you almost instantaneously, because no one ever emails her. x

And you shall receive.

Fran Dominguez
May 3, 2012 @ 9:07 PM

Lately, I've been very inspired by the staggering compatibility of fashion and photography. I'd really like to take my 35mm out more often, so, to anyone and everyone who reads this blog, my one month holiday is coming up in a week and I'm going to hire myself out as a photographer to anyone who needs one for any reason! (Actually, I feel like 'hire out' is a bit misleading - I won't be charging, which is appropriate, I think, as I'm still an amateur!!)

I'm just eager for more professional photography experience, really, and I think I might actually take the time during my holiday to try look up and intern at some magazines or photo studios or something. Just thinking about this is getting me excited for my future!

My amazeballs friend Neel (click here to see my mini photoshoot with him) needs new headshots as he's an actor so I'm excited to have one project coming up at least!! :))))

Photos from Fran Dominguez (blog). He describes himself as being "inspired by female beauty, youth and attitude", and evidently his photographs stay true to that. Every photo he takes has so much personality of its own - each photo on his site is carefully selected. I once read an article about street photography which had instructions for burgeoning photographers to be very very selective about the photos one publishes, and I feel like that's exactly what he's kept in mind.

And here is a photo of the brilliant man himself :)

Hmm. Perhaps I shall conduct an interview with him via email. I need to branch out a bit, be more proactive. I hope this blog gets more attention :)

Wish me luck!
jessica xo

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